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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gene Savoy and Project X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality

Anyone who has researched sungazing to some extent will have come across Gene Savoy and his solar religion, Church of the Second Advent, and solar science, cosolargy. He studied ancient sungazing societies, mainly the Incas of Peru, but also the Mayans and Essenes, and discovered secrets of how they were able to commune with solar beings and prolong life. The latter secrets were the focus of Savoy's book, Project X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality. Although he does not directly divulge any of the secrets in this book, he does give hints, such as gazing at the sun at high noon through crystals, something which I don't recommend, and he reveals some of the results of the experimentation by members of Project X. For example, some middle-age women in Project X experienced signs of reversed aging such as their hair changing from gray to their original color and beginning menstruation again.

Savoy wasn't after physical immortality. He died in 2007, so he didn't discover the secrets of that. However, as he stated in the book, "The secrets of immortality, it was becoming all too apparent, would be found in my emerging new faculties of light generated by solar techniques and not in any physical attributes.... An energy body could not die as long as there was light.... Why couldn't man generate a higher light form that was immortal? The first step would be to discover the key of doing away with the physical attributes right from the start. Why did birth have to take place in physical form? Why not as a light or solar being? That should be the goal of man on our planet: to ascend to the sun and the stars."

Hopefully, Savoy attained this goal, ascended to the sun and beyond, and is now an immortal being of light. That certainly is my goal, and should be the goal of every man and woman. The question Savoy posed of why we are reborn in a physical body instead of a light body is the age-old question that has been answered by sages. To put it in one word -- karma. Karma is made in the physical plane and can only be balanced in the physical. If you don't make reparations for all wrong you have done in this life before you die, you will have to be reborn in the physical so you can finish balancing your karma. When you succeed in doing this, then you can be reborn in a light body. It's possible to begin building a light body now so that when you balance all your karma, you can just transfer your consciousness from your physical body to your light body. Some yogis are able to do this after going into meditation. It's called "dropping the body."

This light-body has been called by different names by different masters. Serapis called it “the deathless solar body,” Omraam called it “the body of glory,” Akhenaton called it the Mer-Ka-Ba. During the Middle Ages, the Cathars claimed to possess the secret gospel of Jesus called the Gospel of Love, believed to contain keys for creating the light body. I will be writing about this in my fourth novel of the Sons of the Sun series, The Sun Shines at Midnight.

Omraam and his master Peter Deunov inherited the secret teachings of the Cathars and Bogomils. If you want to find out the real secrets of immortality, read the books that have been compiled from their lectures, available through and And if you want to join a community of lightbearers who are dedicated to creating light bodies through sungazing and other means, visit

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